About Us


Brillianics stands for Brilliant Electronics. 

Our product portfolio is slowly growing, we are constantly looking at bringing in simply brilliant products created by finest minds in India. The key tenets we apply on our product selection is quality and simplicity of use.

The idea stuck us when we were searching for a LED Driver, and the search ended in multiple results with no clarity on the specifications or vendor or his expertise on the product. The current online shops are too wide and deep in their distribution that made us look for a Made in India marketplace and great products. The opportunity space was something the promoters started delving on and in no time brought this website for general public.

Promoters of Brillianics have among them 10+ years of experience in trade by cutting the middlemen out in a product based distribution system.

Currently Brillianics is a friends and family funded initiative that is looking to bridge the gap between brightest minds in INDIA who create brilliant products  and the smart customers.


Brillianics Technologies Pvt Ltd

#33/61/6, Ground Floor, OM Shakthi Nagar, Garvebhavipalaya,
560068 ,Bangalore, Karnataka

email id: info@brillianics.com

web: https://www.brillianics.com