2-port AMONet Master Module - ADAM 5202 -1002

Modular I/O System

2-port AMONet Master Module - ADAM 5202 -1002

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     ADAM-5000 modules can support a range of versatile applications and offer a lot of different functionality, including storage and AMONet modules. They can be easily configured to extend applications to support versatile applications using the same utility software.

  • Communication Slave: 2 Rings with Max. 128 (1 Ring with 64 slaves) Module Number
  • Communication: Max. 100 m (20 Mbps/32 slave modules) or 50 m (20 Mbps/64 slave modules) Distance
  • Serial Interface: Half duplex RS-485 with transformer isolation
  • Surge Protection: 10 kV
  • Transmission Speed: 2.5, 5, 10 or 20 Mbps with automatic data flow control
  • Remote motion and remote IO function
  • LED Indictors: Active, Error (Each Port)
  • Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 50° C (32 ~ 140° F)


    ADAM-5202 is a 2-ring AMONet module that provides 128 maximum slaves and supports 100-meter long distance communications. The transmission speed can support 2.5, 5, 10 or 20 Mbps with automatic data flow control. It accepts half duplex RS-485 serial interfaces with transformer isolation. This module can also function as a motion module for AMONet Master Control.


  Datasheet (PDF)