2-slot Backplane Modules APAX-5002L -1002

APAX Controllers

2-slot Backplane Modules APAX-5002L -1002

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APAX backplane modules are designed to connect APAX modules in a flexible and convenient way. The APAX backplane modules, the APAX-5001 and APAX-5002, are in accordance with 1-slot and 2-slot backplanes for different APAX modules connecting requirements. Furthermore, the APAX-5002 is equipped with an RJ-45 port which can support flexible remote control architectures..

  • Two slots for two APAX-5000 modules
  • Supports both DIN-rail and wall mounting
  • Hot swap mechanism for all APAX I/O modules
  • 30G shock resistance and 2Grms vibration resistance


APAX-5002L is an interface between CPU module, coupler and I/O modules.  Different APAX-5002/5002L can be stacked together. Power and data can be transferred to I/O modules inserted on the APAX-5002/5002L. You can use APAX-5343E power supply module to give power to the backplanes and I/O modules.


  Datasheet (PDF)