240Pin UDIMM DDR3L 1600 Mi-Grade (-20-85) SQR-UD3M - 1002

Memory Module

240Pin UDIMM DDR3L 1600 Mi-Grade (-20-85) SQR-UD3M - 1002

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SQRAM Memory modules offer an extensive portfolio of industrial grade DRAM solutions, like un-buffered DIMMs and SO-DIMM designed according to the JEDEC standards and cover all technologies including DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 memory in wide temp ranges (-40 to 85°C).

  • Reliability/compatibility test by in-house testing/ 12hr Burn-In Test
  • EEPROM with Thermal sensor
  • 100% Screening Test
  • Wide Temp range: -20oC~85oC
  • Tier one original chip using
  • 30 u” golden finger


Low voltage 1.35V is backward compatible with 1.5V DDR3 module
JEDEC standard 204-pin Dual In-Line Memory Module
SDRAM operating temperature range: -20 °C ≤ TCASE ≤ 85 °C
High-temperature (85 °C)/Low-Temperature (-20 °C) Burn-in Test
30u" Gold Finger
100% Screening Test

  Datasheet (PDF)