3 1/2 digit AC Ammeter/Volt Meter (48x96/96x96) -1038

Digital Panel Meter

3 1/2 digit AC Ammeter/Volt Meter (48x96/96x96) -1038

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Applications The digital panel meter RISH DPM has been designed for industrial applications, where precise and on-site adjustment of the display range is frequently required.


It can be used in industrial automation, laboratory uses and all kind of electrical panels for accurate measurement of current and voltages.


  • Available in size 96mm x 96mm and 96mm x 48mm.
  • Accuracy - 0.5%.
  • Available with standard current and voltage ranges.
  • On site programmable CT/PT ratio.
  • 3 ½ digit ultra bright display.
  • User defined caption
  • Auxiliary power supply :
          AC:1) 230V (+10% / -15%).                 2) 110V (+10% / -15%).           DC:1) 24V (21... 30V)                 2) 110V (only for Rish LD DPM 48 x 96)  

Highly adaptable DPMs suitable for a wide range of measuring applications.

  The chosen input range is user adjustable, from 5% to 100% of the full-scale value, for simple adaptation of the digital readout corresponding to the input value.