Fully Symmetrical High Fidelity Amplifier using ECX10N20 & ECX10P20 250watts - 1017


Fully Symmetrical High Fidelity Amplifier using ECX10N20 & ECX10P20 250watts - 1017

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Welcome to use this 250watts High Fidelity Amplifier board by Eight Audio. This Modules Input stage is Designed using Low Noise complementary differential input amplifiers for reducing distortions.The VAS (voltage amplification stage) is arranged in a push-pull common-emitter configuration & Output Stage Consists of Exicon Lateral Mosfets ECX10N20 & ECX10P20 Which are specifically made for audio power amplifiers and are Equivalent to Renesas 2SK1058 & 2SJ162, This mono Class AB amplifier module can deliver up to 140 watts of high fidelity power at 8Ω  & 250 watts at 4Ω. Coming to passive components MFR resistors, Audio grade Nichicon capacitors & High quality Wima Film capacitors are used to gain the perfect timber.


Manufacturer Eight Audio
Power output @ 4 Ω  250 watts
Power output @ 8 Ω  140 watts
Input Gain 27 dB
Distortion (THD)  0.008%
Class AB
Frequency response 10 - 50K Hz -1.2dB
Minimum impedance 4 Ohms
Power supply +/- 60 VDC MAX
Compact size  X mm
Weight 105g
Transformer 40-0-40 V AC 250VA
Power Supply Modules EAPPS05NI
Heat Sink Eight Audio - HSHD48
  • Monoblock amplifier design
  • Imported high-quality Audio Grade Nichicon & Wima capacitors
  • Output device - Exicon ECX10N20 & ECX10P20 specifically made for audio amplifiers
  • Fully tested and pre-assembled
  • High quality, Dual-layered, 1.6mm, Glass Epoxy PCB
  • Excellent value for money
  • Hi End Stereo Amplifiers
  • High-Performance Home Theatre Amplifiers
  • Multi-channel Amplifiers

Why Use Exicon Lateral MOSFETs?

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