Dust monitor PM2.5 -1023

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Dust monitor PM2.5 -1023

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Dust monitor is an ideal instrument to check the quality of air that you breathe. It has digital numbers to indicate the present air pollution condition in the room.  The dust monitor checks for PM2.5 particulate matter suspended in the air.  PM2.5 is a major cause of respiratory diseases and lung infection in  modern cities.   A very useful, effective and innovative dust monitor unit to measure dust particle PM2.5. It measures the pollution level at homes.  The monitor displays the instantaneous PM2.5 density of the dust particulate matter (in μg/m³).  It also shows the % of clean air. The unit is easy and simple to use, moreover it needs no installation.  The unit starts operating by mere plugging in the power supply adapter.  This dust monitor has an elegant look with bright LCD.

  • A tabletop dust monitor to show the ambient value of PM2.5 (in μg/m³)
  • The dust monitor displays instantaneous values of PM2.5
  • % of clean air calculate 2% to 98%
  • Moreover, it quantifies the PM level as GOOD, NORMAL, POOR and ALARM (as per ratings)
  • A reliable tool to check the quality and functionality of air purifier operation in a room
  • A very elegant display, designed to operate for 24×7
  • Dust monitor has the capability to display PM2.5 (particulate matter) readings
  • Needs no maintenance and no installation procedure, just power up and start using
  • Type of sensor used:
    • Optical: PM2.5
  • Range of measurement and accuracy
    • PM2.5 range: 10 to 1400 μg/m³
    • PM2.5 sensor accuracy: ± 10%
  • Operating voltage: 12 V DC (110-22 V DC to 12 V DC adapter provided alongwith)
  • We suggest to typically use for indoor purpose
  • The unit can also be equipped for outdoor installations (within an enclosure)


Now, with these dust monitors, you can easily check if the air purifier in your room is working as expected.  The monitor can inform the dust particle concentration in the room.  The sensor is inside the left orifice of the monitor.  The air flows through the bigger hole to the smaller one by the principle of convection. An internal heater causes a temperature difference, thereby allowing air to flow. The optical sensor is situated in the left side of the machine.  It sensors the particle density by checking the optical scattering principle.

The dust monitor is a table-top sensing unit with LCD.  It can also be mounted on the wall.  To turn on the machine, connect the DC jack to the adapter provided.  Then plug in the adapter to the house mains power supply.  The adapter is 110-220  V AC to 12 V DC converter.  It takes a booting time of around 1-2 minutes after power up (before the 1st reading appears).  

Incase the readings fail to appear for more than 4-5 minutes, then blow some air at the orifice.

Dimensions of the monitor: 160 mm x 100 mm x 30 mm

LCD dimensions: 70 mm x 55 mm

We produce 2 varieties of dust monitors:

Model FBXDQMG: lemon green display

Model FBXDQMW: bluish white display

Both the dust monitors are technically of same functionality.  The LCD backlight color is different in both of them. Additionally the dust monitor the quality of air and report it as GOOD, or NORMAL or POOR.  This is done by scaling the present readings.


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