Hot- Spot 3 Relay 1038

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Hot- Spot 3 Relay 1038

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  • Motor protection
  • Transformer protection
  • Gensets protection
  • Heating equipments protection
  • Ineffective cooling
  • Blocked ventilation
  • Overloads
  • Worn bearings


  • Up to three RTD inputs
  • 1mA analogue output
  • Three adjustable set points
  • Internal differential
  • LED trip indication
  • Automatic reset
  • Three single-pole relay contacts


Product Function The Rishabh temperature trip relay has been designed to monitor three separate temperature zones in large electric motors, transformer winding or any temperature conscious equipment such as process lines gas turbines or engine driven generating sets, using Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs). The highest of three temperatures is automatically selected and a 0 to 1 milliamp output signal produced. Yellow LEDs are fitted to show which of three sensors is at the highest temperature. The output signal is compared internally with the voltage from up to three set point potentiometers and the difference fed to trigger relay circuits. Red LEDs are used to indicate relay energised. Single pole changeover relay are provided for each set point. In a typical installation the three set points would be set to trip on increasing temperature, in the following sequence :
  1. Initiate cooling/ reset if effective
  2. Bring up alarm/ reset if action and cooling effective
  3. Shut down


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