Mass Storage Device MSD-MSP430 1025


Mass Storage Device MSD-MSP430 1025

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MSD-MSP430 is a powerful Evaluation Tool based Texas Instruments MSP430F5438, which provides cost effective and fastest way to test and build new designs based on MSP430 for Bulk data storage Applications.

Now it is possible to hook up your favorite USB Thumb drive and SD card with Ultra low power MSP430 MCU and manage your data in files using FAT32 file system.

Here MSD offers very simple and reliable way for storing the data for days or months since it offers very high capacity Memory (512mb to 2 GB) @ very low cost and low power.

  • MSP430F1611 (16 Bit RISC Processor Orthogonal Core)
  • Communication interface for RS-232, RS-485, USB Host, USB Device, SPI & I2C.
  • Protocols– Modbus ( RTU and ASCII )
  • Optimal Interface with ECG Analog front, MP3 Decoder and Nordic wireless
  • USB Pen drive and SD Card as Mass Storage Options.
  • FAT 16/32 files system support.
  • Analog I/P mono microphone and speaker O/P.
  • 5 Interrupt enable keypads and 48x84 pixel graphic LCD user interfaces.
  • Wireless Data Logger for Medical and Industrial Applications
  • Centralized Data Logger ( Supports Modbus )
  • Telephone Answering Machine
  • Voice Interactive system
  • Security systems
  • MP3 Player
  • Wireless headphones
External Module Interface
  • ECG Analog Front end
  • MP3 Decoder
  • NORDIC WIRELESS Module nRF24l01 (2.4 GHZ)

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