Microwave Sensor-Dimmer & Drive-SN730B 1043

Dimming Driver

Microwave Sensor-Dimmer & Drive-SN730B 1043

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SN730B Is A Dimmable Led Driver With Microwave Motion Sensor. This Is Best Home Automation Sensor To Save Electricity In New Way. Recommend For Use In Every Living Place. It Is Very Easy To Install Without Labor.

  • Can identify day and night: It can work in the daytime and at night when two knobs are in above position (Daylight Sensor). It can work in the ambient light less than 5LUX when two knobs are on below position (Daylight Sensor). As for the adjustment pattern, please refer to the testing pattern.
  • Hold time is optional. It can be set according to the consumer’s desire. The minimum time is 10sec. The maximum is 10min.
  • Power Source : 220 -240V/AC
  • Wattage capacity : Upto 16 watts
  • Output Voltage : 30-51 V/DC
  • Output Detection Range : 10%, 50%, 75%, 100%
  • Daylight Sensor : 5lux, 15lux, 50lux, 2000lux
  • Output Current : 300mA
  • Detection angle : 180°/360°
  • Detection Distance : Wall: 5-15m (adjustable), Ceiling: 2-8m (radius) [Adjustable]
  • Installation Height : 2-4 mtr ceiling
  • Standard Dimming Level : 20 %
  • Stand by Period : 0s, 30s, 10min, infinite