MSP430 Microcontroller 1025


MSP430 Microcontroller 1025

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Gill Instruments design and manufacture wide range of target Boards. These boards are ideal for project development & prototyping where all the MCU I/O lines are available on 25x4 headers. On board tact switch and led is provided for user application.


  • Kick start development in just five minutes.
  • JTAG/Spy-by-wire Port for In system Programming and Real Time Debug.
  • Access to all the 100 pin of MCU using 25x4 pin header
  • On board LDO for wide range power supply operation
  • On board LED and tact switch for self test
  • Battery connector for 9V DC


  • MSP430F5436 -16 Bit RISC Orthogonal Core
  • RAM – 16K , FLASH 192K
  • 14 Channel 12 Bit ADC (Sampling Rate > 200Ksps)
  • Two Channel 12 Bit internal ADC
  • 16 bit Capture/Compare Timers (2)
  • Four UART/  SPI /  I2C , Watchdog Timer
  • 32 bit Hardware Multiplier
  • Three Channel DMA, Ten Ports Analog & Digital
  • System clock 18 MHz (Digital Controlled Oscillator)
  • Basic Timer with Real Time clock
  • Low supply voltage : 2.2 to 3.6V