Rish Energy Management System (EMS) -1038

Energy Management System (EMS)

Rish Energy Management System (EMS) -1038

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RISHEMS (Energy Management System) is an ideal energy management solution for industries, manufacturing plants, shopping malls, commercial buildings or any situation where high amount of electricity is consumed.   It helps to enhance your energy conservation and utility management efforts by regularly polling the data from Rishabh Multi Function Meters on a RS 485 serial communication system using MODBUS. The data is collected on one centralised computer (Master PC) from where it can be accessed remotely through LAN connection.


  • Plug & Play enterprise level SCADA product
  • Multi user login, password protection for Data Acquisition
  • Online monitoring (MATRIX) of all the feeders
  • Auto mailing facility of generated reports
  • Fast data scan, 256 meters polled within 30 seconds
  • MIMICS format for all the feeders
  • Online monitoring of Single Line Diagram
  • Advance on-line alarm if the value is about to exceed set maximum & minimum limit
  • Auto – backup feature for future data reference
  • TOD ( Time Of Day ) report with programmable tariffs
  •  Remote customer support
  •  Reports in different formats i.e. PDF, EXCEL, WORD, TEXT, etc.
  •  Customised Screens and Reports 


  •  Improves data accuracy by eliminating human errors in data collection
  •  History analysis for a set period – History log view
  •  Reduces demand cost – Demand optimization
  •  Helps in analysis of energy balance
  •  Helps to monitor and reduce specific energy consumption
  •  Measurement of power distribution loss
  •  Monitoring of power quality and THD
  •  Helps in preventive maintenance 


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