Digital Low-Voltage Insulation Tester - Rish Insu-20 - 1038

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Digital Low-Voltage Insulation Tester - Rish Insu-20 - 1038

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Analog + Digital Display (Log scale for Insulation Measurement)

The Analog scale for insulation resistance measurement is logarithmic in nature which gives the dynamic performance of an analog insulation tester. The Analog scale is linear for low ohm and voltage measurement.

User Selectable Backlit Display

The instrument is provided with user selectable backlit for taking measurements in dark areas/poor lighting conditions.

Connector jack for External Mains Adapter (Optional)

The instrument can be operated from mains supply (230V AC) instead of batteries using an external mains adapter (230V AC/9V DC, 500mA (4.5VA) isolated)

Test Voltages 50V/100V/250V/500V/1000V

Test voltages from 50V to 1000V can be selected for insulation resistance measurement. It covers all insulation tests up to 1000V.

Insulation Resistance Measurement

The instrument is capable of measuring insulation resistance from10kOhm…2GOhm.