Digital Insulation Tester - Rish Insu 5Dx - 1038

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Digital Insulation Tester - Rish Insu 5Dx - 1038

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 Rish Insu 5Dx is a 5KV Digital Insulation Tester with selectable test voltage up to 5KV and Insulation Resistance measurement up to 10 T‎Ω. Ideal for testing insulation of HV/MV Transformers, Cables, Motors, etc. comes with a facility to measure PI, DAR, Ramp test automatically.

  • Measurement range up to 10T‎Ω
  • FIX mode with test voltage of 100V, 250V, 500V, 1kV, 2.5kV & 5kV DC
  • ADJUST mode with test voltage selectable from 100 to 5kV DC
  • RAMP mode with selectable duration time and test voltage
  • Selection of 3 type of ramp test
  • Polarization Index (P.I.) measurement
  • Dielectric Absorption Ratio (D.A.R) measurement
  • DC/AC TRMS voltage up to 600V
  • SMOOTH feature for stable measurement results
  • GUARD test lead for surface leakage current compensation
  • MAX, MIN limit selectable threshold on measurements
  • Automatic discharging of device under test
  • Fuse protection on power supply
  • LCD display with backlight and bargraph
  • Internal memory for saving results
  • Recall saved results at display
  • RS-232 interface for PC connection
  • Rechargable internal battery
  • Live circuit detection up to 600V with test Inhibit function


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