Advanced Multimeter RishMit 30 - 1038

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Advanced Multimeter RishMit 30 - 1038

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Insulation resistance measurement up to 3G Ohm Insulation resistance measurement up to 3G Ohm  with Test voltages selection: 50 V, 100V, 250V, 500V and 1000V.   Route mean square value with distorted wave form Measuring principal employed permits the measurement of rout mean square value (TRMS) OF AC quantities and mixed quantities (AC and DC) regardless of wave form.   AC Current measurement with clip-on sensor Current measurement up to 300A with clip-on sensor having ratio 1mV/10mA.


Min/Max Function By pressing min/max button instrument will start recording minimum and maximum readings.


Temperature measurement Temperatures from -200 to 800 ºC using pt100 and pt 1000 sensors.


Auto Power Off In order to save the power of the Batteries, the meter will automatically shut OFF if it detects no activity for 10 minutes.


Continuity test This permits resting for short circuit and open circuit. In addition to the display, a facility of sound signal is available.


AUTO and MANUAL ranging modes In AUTO ranging mode the instrument automatically selects the range with best resolution depending on the applied input. In MANUAL ranging mode range is user selectable using MAN key.


Indication of negative values on the analog scale When measuring DC quantities, also negative values are shown on the analog scale so that variations of the measured value can be observed at the Zero point.


Protection from dust and water Instrument: Ip50 For terminals : IP20 as per IEC60529


Applicable International Safety standards 1000 V CAT II/600V CAT III as per International Safety standard IEC 61010-1- 2001 and IEC 61557.


Signaling in the case of a blown fuse The display shows “FUSE” in case of blown fuse.


Automatic blocking socket (ABS) The automatic terminal blocking system prevents incorrect connection of test lead and incorrect selection of measurement quantity, which provide safety to the user.


Interface and software RISH com 100 The multimeters are fitted with a serial RS-232 C interface via which the measured values can be transmitted to a PC. These values, electrically isolated, are transmitted to the attachable interface adaptor with infrared light through the case.


Analog Scale Analog scale that updates at the rate 20 times/sec to observe fluctuations in input.


Continuous On Mode In this mode, AUTO POWER OFF is disabled.


DATA Hold Function By pressing DATA HOLD button, reading on the display can be latched for Hands free operation.


NULL ZERO Correction for Resistance For Low ohm measurement, the lead resistance can be compensated by pressing the shift key (Yellow Key)


NULL ZERO Correction for Capacitance Null zero connection for capacitance. For nF range, stray capacitance can be compensated by shift key (Yellow Key)


Diode Measurement For testing diode and transistors, diode measurement function is available.


Display with Backlit For clear visibility in dark conditions, RISH MIT 30 is featured with backlit.




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