Industrial Multimeter - 15S - 1038

Digital Multimeter

Industrial Multimeter - 15S - 1038

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Automatic Terminal Blocking System (ABS)

The automatic Terminal blocking system prevents incorrect connection of the test leads and incorrect selection of the measured quantity. This reduces danger to the user, the meter and the system to a remarkable extent.

Interface and Software RISH com 100

The multimeters are fitted with a serial RS-232 C interface via which the measured values can be transmitted to a PC. These values, electrically isolated, are transmitted to the attachable interface adaptor with infrared light through the case*.

MIN/MAX Value Storage

In addition to the display of the actual measured value, the minimum or maximum value can constantly be updated and stored.

Indication Of Negative Values On The Analog Scale

When measuring DC quantities, also negative values are shown on the analog scale so that variations of the measured value can be observed at the zero point.

Indication Of Negative Values On The Analog Scale

The measuring principle employed permits the measurement of the root-mean-square value (TRMS) of AC quantities and mixed quantities (AC and DC) regardless of the waveform.


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