Speed Sensing Trip Relay - 1038

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Speed Sensing Trip Relay - 1038

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Applications The Speed Sensing Relay provides three user adjustable trip levels with LED relay state indicator and a speed indicator output signal. The trip functions provided are :
  • SP1 - Disengages the crank starter
  • SP2 - Energises protection or under-speed alarm.
  • SP3 - Alarm or trips on over speed Engine monitoring
  • Generator set protection
  • Gas turbine monitoring
  • Monitor the engine governer


Features The unit also incorporates the following protection features :
  • Open circuit sensor detection - a break in the sensor lead will de - energise the over - speed relay
  • Zero reset cranking - The crank relay will only reset when the input frequency falls below 20% of the crank set point.
  • Under speed alarm or load shedding
  • Over speed alarm or load shedding
  • Fail Safe Operation


Product Function

The protector continuously monitors the rotations speed, and updates the analog output signal. An output of 0.75mA indicates normal speed (100%) while 1mA indicates 133% of nominal speed. The calibration point can easily be user adjusted.

 Three setpoint control adjustments allow setting of the desired speed limits for cracking. Under speed and over speed.


Cranking Relay : Will detect if the engine is running or stopped. This relay can be used to ensure the cranking Motor is disconnected, once the engine has started running. Set the cranking setpoint just above the cranking motor speed. A red LED illuminates when the relay is energised, indicating a trip condition.


Under speed Relay :  Will detect when the normal running speed has been achieved. This can be used to enable the generator’s electrical protection. It can also be used to trigger load shedding. A red LED illuminates when an under speed condition exists.


Over speed Relay : Will detect when a stuck throttle or over shoot, and can be used to shut down the engine. A red LED indicates over speed trip.


Fail safe operation : The relay Will detect an open circuit speed sensor, and de – energise the over - speed relay.



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