Token display system 3-digits -1023

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Token display system 3-digits -1023

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Token display system is a simple wireless solution to remotely display token number. A wireless remote controller controls the token display from within the room. The display is outside the consultation room and shows token number.  Press remote to control the token number display. Patient or customer, having that token number can then enter consultation room.

Token display system designed for consultation rooms to call next patient

  • Press remote from a consultation room to increment the token number display
  • Token number display from 000 to 999 and wrap back
  • Indicator and sound outside the consultation room on press of remote
  • Simple and effective wireless solutions
  • No wiring and no installation
  • Neither does it involves any future maintenance cost
  • Just out of the packing box and start using it
  • Plug-n-play and hassle free operation


Token display system

Token display system is a solution for consultants to call customers waiting outside. It is a simple yet effective solution.  The unit works on latest wireless technology. Doctor / consultant in the room has a remote controller in hand. Outside his room is the token display. Press top button of the remote to increment the displayed number. Press bottom button to decrement the number. Remote controller of token display system is battery operated. The token display is power supply operated. 220VAC to 12VDC adapter converter supplied alongwith the package.


Features of token calling system

The token display is a 3 digit display unit with buzzer sound. The numbers count from 000 to 999. On every press of the remote top button the token display number increments. Same way, the number decrements on press of bottom button. The range of communication is 20-40 meters indoors. The token display system works on latest RF technology.  The signals can pass through concrete or wood or false walls without problem. It is possible to improve the range furthermore by intermediate repeaters (boosters). Remote controller battery last for more than 1 year. At places our customers are using the remotes from past 4 years without trouble. The system undergoes to a plenty of stringent electrical tests before reaching customers. These tests ensures reliability of the unit.

Advantage over traditional token display system:

Traditional systems has wired connection between the calling point and the display unit. This makes it cumbersome to install and use. Moreover, any defects or malfunctions at a later point of time, is hard to rectify. Which thereby increases the maintenance cost. The latest token display system probably the simplest to use and easy to install.  As a matter of fact, the unit does not mandate any installation at all. Problems are easy to isolate and hence, no future maintenance cost.  Start using the unit right out of the box.  As a result of ease to use and simple to understand the wireless token display unit is becoming a quick choice.  Furthermore, the range of communication is scalable and expandable.

The token display system as 3 components:

The unit package contains 3 parts (when shipped to customer)
  1. Remote controller (battery operated) – qty. 1 no.
  2. Receiver display (3-digit) with sound – qty 1 no.
  3. Adapter (to activate the receiver) – qty 1 no.

How to use the token display system:

Step 1: Plug in the adapter to the receiver unit and place it outside the consultation room.Step 2: Press remote call button to alert next patient. The advantages of wireless token display system are as follows:
  • Simple to use and no installation need
  • No wiring and no future maintenance
  • Ready to use units
  • Communication does not need line of sight due to high power RF signals
  • Because of high penetration power remote signals can pass through the walls
  • System operates on latest wireless RF technology
  • Every time you press a remote call button receiver indicator glows
  • Buzzer sounds for alert on the press of remote